Which Of These 7 Common Landing Page Mistakes Are You Making?

Let’s cut to the chase — you want your landing pages and sales funnels to convert. That’s how you make money. That’s how I make money too. And it’s how I make sh*t tons of money for my clients.

The sad thing is that most marketers are more concerned with how pretty their pages look than how well they actually persuade people to convert.

But you’re different. You want to focus on increasing the conversion rate of your pages so you can get on with your day and go make another page or product to sell.

Why would you care what I have to say? To put it bluntly, I’m one of only a handful of Vetted Top Rated Freelancers on Upwork. I’m also ranked in the top 1% of all freelance marketers in the world thanks to my knack for creating landing pages that convert in the top 10% of their respective markets (data published in 2019 by Statista, Unbounce, and Wordstream).

So ask yourself, which of these 7 mistakes are you making?

  1. I don’t identify my one perfect customer before I start writing my page, which means I’m not connecting to the people reading my page as well as I should be, and I’m doing a poor job at persuading them to convert.
  2. I have more than one offer or goal for my page, which means I’m probably creating a lot of unnecessary friction, decision making and distractions for the people reading my page.
  3. I can’t understand the value of my page’s offer (and be excited about it) by quickly scrolling through the page, which means the people reading my page probably can’t either.
  4. I don’t focus on on my ideal customer’s emotions when writing headlines or sub-headlines, which means I’m probably not telling the people reading my page what they really want to know about my offer.
  5. I talk about the features of my offer rather than the specific personal benefits that the features give, which means the people reading my page probably don’t understand how much my offer can actually help them.
  6. I don’t know the best way to order information on my page which means I’m probably not answering the questions people have at the right time, and I’m definitely not using consumer psychology to my advantage.
  7. The images, animations and colors on my page aren’t 120% necessary, which means I’m probably distracting, confusing or just flat out annoying the people reading my page.

It’s ok if you’re making these mistakes. In fact, the majority of people are doing at least one of these things.

The important thing is that you don’t have to let these mistakes (or others that we didn’t talk about) kill your conversion rates anymore.

Want to learn more about how to increase your conversion rates and have goal-crushing sales? Contact me. I’m here to help.



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